Preview of 2021-2022 Boys Basketball Season

Isaiah Smith, Reporter

This Thursday, the Great Bend Panther Boys Basketball team is going to have some competition at a shootout tournament in Hays, getting a first-hand look at how the Panthers might look for the beginning of the season.  Last year, the team played a total of 19 games, but sadly, could only snag away 4 wins for the season. Even though last year was rough, practices are looking good and energetic. The Panthers are hopefully ready to start off the season with a win in the Hays shootout tournament and a victory on Friday, December 10th.

“We have a great group of seniors this year that is ready to lad the team,” Head Coach Kyle Kreigh said, “We have a great start to the season with practices that are full of energy, encouragement and teamwork.”

This Thursday shootout in Hays consists of six teams, and Great Bend is paired up with Lawrence Free state which is going to be a challenge for the Panthers. If they manage to do good enough and beat them, they could also potentially face Olathe West, Hugoton, Hays, or Hays TMP.

Senior Basketball player Joseph Moeder said that the Panther could “do pretty well at the Hays shootout,” he continued “but the first game of the year doesn’t define our season.”

With every team, there is always a strength and weakness, but this year the Panthers are taking on a new approach of how they play the game. Coach Kriegh has implemented new drills to have a more fast paced offense, revolving around there shooting.

“The biggest strength our team has this year is definitely shooting,” Coach Kriegh said, so “we are focusing on a faster offense which is fun for the players, coaches, and fans.”

As proud Great Bend high Panthers, we can only be optimistic of what the 2021-2022 season has in store. It’s going to be a tough year with great and competitive competition that no one wants to miss. The first home game for the Panthers is on December 10th against Junction City. JV Boys and JV Girls start at 4:00 in the PAC, Freshman Boys and Freshman Girls start at 5:30 in the PAC,  Varsity Girls starts at 6:00 in the gym, and Varsity Boys start at 7:30 in the gym.