What Makes a Good Student or Teacher?


Emma Haag, Author

You may be asking, what makes good student or teacher? Well, I’m here to tell you. Here are some qualities that make a good teacher or student.

A good student has self-discipline. They are punctual, courteous, responsible, and a team player. This means that they get their homework done and do what is needed to be done in class to be successful. They get to class on time and have everything they need in order to be prepared in that class. They are respectful to their peers and teachers by not disrupting the class. They are responsible for their homework, classwork, and how they act in that class. Finally, they are able to work well with other people on assignments, even if they don’t like working in a group.

Having these attributes is important because it can help prepare them for the future and help them be successful. Being a good student is important because it will set a pace that is going to help their career move towards sustainable success.

“To me, a good student doesn’t just get “good” grades. A good student does what’s asked of them, to the best of their ability.” said Mrs. Behnke, “It’s important to utilize these attributes, because they will transfer over to a job and the real world someday. Learning the right and wrong way to deal with these challenges is key.”

A good teacher has good communication skills, listening skills, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. This means that the teacher can convey information to people clearly, recall what is being said and understand what is needed to help the student. They are good at working together with students and other staff members. The teacher is able to adapt to any changes in the classroom and environment. They are also good at understanding how a student is feeling and how it will affect the student in the classroom. Last but not least, a good teacher has patience and is able to accept delay or trouble without getting angry or upset.

Having these attributes is important because it can help the teacher to have a better working relationship with their students and be able to understand what their students needs are. It is important for them to be able to accomplish these skills because it will help them engage with their students and help them become a good role model and great teacher.

“What I think makes a good teacher is their ability to connect with students and understand them.” said Analiz Rivas, “It is important for them to have these qualities because some students need someone in their life that they can trust and see them as a parent figure. They need someone to motivate and push them to success in life and school, and that someone can be their teacher who has made a difference in their life.”

These are some of the characteristics that make a good student or teacher. I hope you have all learned some new things to help you to attain some new knowledge to help you accel at being a teacher or student, because no matter where your at, there is always room to improve.