Pets Fun Facts


Kynslee White

Many people around the world have pets. There’s so many fascinating things you can learn about your animal and there are probably many things you don’t know about animals. here are some fun interesting facts about commonly found pets.

Dog Facts

Dalmatians are born without spots. They are born solid white but than develop dots as they grow.

Every Dog has a unique nose print with none being alike

Nine percent of dog owners have doggie birthday parties

Greyhounds can reach 45 miles an hour and are the fastest dog.

dogs can smell when there owners are afraid

UCSD claims that dogs get jealous of there owners showing other animals affection


Cat Facts

cats have no collar bone

cats have four different rows of whiskers

Cats whiskers are actually so sensitive that they can even feel a change in air movement

Cats spend approximately 30% of there walking hours grooming themselves

Cats sleep about 70% of there life and about 16 hours a day


Other facts

polar bears have black skin

94 percent of pet owners say that there pets make them smile once a day

a kangaroo is the size of a lima bean when born