Let’s Do Business

Lets Do Business

Adan Gonzalez, Reporter

There are major companies and major food chains. Franchises and your local auto repairs. There are some investors that buy the company or invest in it. Example Mark Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks. Warren Buffet invested in the company Coca-Cola. Warren Buffet has invested multiple big companies, he invested in Apple, American Express, Bank of America and more. Bill Gates, the owner and CEO of Microsoft, bought Activision Blizzard for 75 billion dollars and it is one of the biggest deals in the century.

So how do you make your own business? Well you can always start making plans for the future. You can always save money and invest something or you can build your own market. If you invest in the stock market you can buy the stock then when it reaches the top of it’s point sell it. You don’t want to keep your stock when it drops cause eventually you lose money. If you build your marketplace you need to have employees and they need to be paid. Obviously you need to pay the bills and buy the utilities you need. It needs to blow up the competition, you need to do something good for the marketplace that no one else can do. That’s how you build a franchise or a major company. The end of the goal is to make the most money for your company. Caleb Lawson ” I would make money and go out with a ball” and Pedro Enriquez ” I would make it one business cause you can keep it in check you know?”

What happens if my business is booming? Well keep it that way and make it better. There is always going to be competition in every category in the marketplace. When you need a helping hand you negotiate with other companies or you can create something new for the marketplace. You can expand your market place across the globe.  Making sure that you are known worldwide. You can also hire people to help make deals for your company making sure that your getting the better end of the deal. You always want to be on the top. Yes there is going to be some hate but you got to show that your company is the best in the world at least for that category in that marketplace. 

Business is very complicated but it gets you to a lot of places. Your ideas can bring the world to a better place or it brings people to addiction. It’s like a NFL draft: it’s a boom or a bust. It could impact the world or not go anywhere when it comes to business. You can be the next Warren Buffet or the next Bill Gates. Always remember to make the world a better place. If you can make business do it but make sure you’re confident in yourself. You have to know that you got competition or there are going to be enemies that throw shade at your company. At the end of the day change the world.