A Boogie wit da Hoodie Review


Kynslee White

  • Boogie his stage name comes from a tv show with the character ACE boogie. Because he was wearing hoodies all the time, his friends gave him the name of “A Boogie Wit da Hoodie”. 
  • Boogie’s real name is Artist Julius Dubose. 
  • He was born in The Bronx, New York.
  • Madeleines from Starbucks is boogie’s favorite food. 
  • He is currently 27 years old
  • His height is 5’10
  • He was inspired to become a rapper by Kayne West and 50 cents
  • A boogie was on house arrest when he was younger which actually allowed him to focus on his music


Top Songs


Look Back at it- This song was released in 2018. It is under the album Hoodie Szn. This was in boogies second studio album. It actually comes from two Michael Jordan songs. 


Pull up- This song was released in 2018. It is under the album International Artist. It ft. the artist NAV. This track consists of the two artists flexing what they have including their fancy clothes, their nice jewelry, and their expensive cars. 


Right move- This song was also released in 2018. It is under the album Right Move. Boogie describes his routine over the theme song to rugrats, a cartoon show. 


Skeezer-  This song was released in 2018. It is under the album Hoodie Szn. In this song, boogie is showing the problems he has with women with no self value. Basically, he is saying he can’t be with a girl who doesn’t respect herself or her body. 


Swervin-  This song was released in 2018. It is under the album Hoodie Szn. It ft. 6ix9ine.

This song the artist talks about a bunch of things that are important to them. This includes money, women, and violence.


My Personal Favorites/ opinion Piece 


DTB/Interlude- I overall like the beat and the slow background music tuning in with his rap style voice. This song is about watching who you trust. It’s more so saying instead of him putting all his trust in a woman he’s going to focus on better things like living luxuries. 


Still Think About You- This song is perfect when it comes to freestyling type music but with an R&B vibe. When Boogie explained the meaning behind what inspired him to write this song, He was thinking about a girl who did him wrong. One time, the girl he was with told him that she was pregnant. Obviously, he assumed it was with and was thinking if he would be ready to be a father. Then, all of a sudden, she completely ghosts him. He later finds a picture of another man announcing the pregnancy. 


Just Like Me- This song is him explaining why a girl won’t meet his expectations and this is because she’s just like him. This means that they both are not loyal and talking to many other people. He knows she has other partners but so does he. 


Stalking You- This song is about his feelings he still has for his ex. He knows he can’t contact her because she wont answer him after all the problems they had in their past. Instead he constantly scrolls through her social media and wont/is scared to admit that he still loves her.