J Cole Song Review


Kynslee White

J Cole fun facts


His real name is Jermaine Lamar Cole. he wanted to keep his stage name close. 

He first started rapping when he was 12 but at 15 was when he joined his first rap group. 

He began producing music at 15 with his mothers help

  1. Cole and wale once freestyle at Denny’s fast food joint after one of their shows

J Cole worked at a skating rink when he was younger and dressed as a kangaroo

He has two sons 

He has a wife named Melissa Heholt 


J Cole’s Top Songs


Lights Please- This song is him describing a situation with a girl where he keeps interrupting to talk about the current state of the world. All she wants to do is give her body to him while hes trying to have an actual conversation 

4 Your Eyez Only- This song is to his newborn son and to a close friend’s daughter named Ninn with him expressing his concerns with the way the world is. He talks about the death of Cole’s childhood friend James McMillian.

Crooked Smile – This song is unlike most rap songs. When you think of the typical one, most rappers are singing about drugs and violence. In this song, he is using his way with music to talk about how you should not care what other people think and that you are beautiful.  

“Cause what’s real is something that the eyes can’t see

That the hands can’t touch

That them broads can’t be, and that’s you”

Before I am Gone – This song is about the struggles in his hometown and what he faced growing up. Genius.com says he is “making the best of life and claiming his place in the rap game. 


My Personal Favorite 


Workout- This was his first official single from his debut song album. This song is describing a hookup but deciding if it’s just a temporary thing or could it be more than that.  

Wet dreamz- this song focuses on his own insecurities. It talks about the embarrassment he would face if he wasn’t a pro or if he messed up. 

Love Yours- This is my all time favorite song by J Cole. When Cole was asked about the song he said it symbolizes the whole meaning of the album which was happiness. No such thing as a life that’s better than yours,” He talks about he chased his dreams of being famous. According to Odyssey.com, The fans see Cole happy because of everything he has in his life but truly he is depressed. “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours” 

No Role Modelz- This song is exactly what it sounds like. It’s him acknowledging the fact that he didn’t have good role modelz growing up with his lack of a father figure. The main course of a song is about ladies that live questionable lifestyles. Songmeaning.com says that Cole is talking about wanting to live in the earlier time periods because he believed there was a more preferable group of women to choose. 

Power Trip – This song is talking about him being in love with a girl like he has never felt before.He knows his friends won’t understand but he wants to be with her

4 Your Eyez Only- this song is described above.