Bringing Home State


Kynslee White

The Panthers had a great wrestling season. Nine Panther boys made it to state and they finished as 5th as a team overall and brought home five state medals. It was also their first time in history to have ever brought home two boys state champions who were Wyatt Weber and Kaden Spragis. The panther girls had three girls make it to state. They brought home two state medals and one of them was a two time champion named Breanna Ridgeway.  Amazing Job Panthers!

Webber, Ridgeway, and Spragis all posed together as our three state champions

I personally talked to two of the state placers.  Daizy Gomez, a sophomore, was the first person I had a discussion with. I asked her how it felt placing and she told me “it felt goof placing, but I am nowhere near satisfied with just placing” Comparing her season to last year, she qualified but got beat out her first two rounds. I asked her what was a challenge and then something she was proud of and she said “My biggest challenge was probably state itself. I was proud of some of the people I beat this season and how much I have improved. Then, I talked to Haylee Holinde. She told me that overall she felt great about going to state/ She even quoted “I’ve improved a lot since last year, a lot more than I thought I would”. Her biggest challenge was not knowing how to be aggressive enough. I asked her something she was proud of and she quoted “I’m proud of making it to state, especially as a freshman, it feels good to be out here doing what I love!”



Girls Stats 
Daizy Gomez

(Placed 4th)

Gomez won first round by fall 

Gomez lost quarterfinals 

Gomez won by fall 

Gomez won by another fall securing her state medal and wrestling for 3rd place 

Gomez Lost 4-1 and finished in fourth place.

Breanna Ridgeway

(placed 1st)

Ridgeway won first round by fall 

Ridgeway wins by fall and secured at least 3rd place 

Ridgeway wins by fall Ridgeway wins by fall and secures her state championship. Bre is a 2X state champ. 

Haylee Holinde  Holinde loses by fall first round

Holinde loses by fall and is done for the season 


Boys Stats 
Kaden Spragis

(placed 1st) 

Spragis Wins by tech 16-1

Wins by fall securing 3rd state metal 

Spragis wins 11-9 to be our 120 state champion 

Avery Wolf 

(placed 4th)

Wolf wins by fall 

Wolf wins 4-3 securing his second state metal

Wolf Loses 6-5 

Wolf wins 5-3 and wrestles for 3rd place 

Wolf loses 12-2 and finishes in 4th place 

Cooper Liles 

(placed 5th) 

Liles lost by fall

Liles wins by fall 

Liles wins 10-5

Liles wins by fall securing his 1st state medal 

Liles loses 2-0 and wrestles for 5th place 

Liles wins by default and finishes in 5th

Wyatt Weber 

(placed 1st)

Weber wins by fall 

Weber wins by fall securing 4th state metal 

Weber  wins by default and wrestles for 2nd state champ 

Weber wins 1-0 and is our 138 state champion 

Jace Schartz  Schwartz loses by fall

Schartz won 5-2

Schwartz wins by tech fall 17-2 

Loses by fall and is done for the season 

Skyler McMullen  McMullen loses 10-1 

McMullen  wins 16-10 

Mcmulllen loses 15-6 and is finished for the year 

Brody Schnoebelen Schnoebelen lost by fall 

Schnoebelen wins by major 8-0 

Schnoeblelen loses by fall and is done for the season  

Keyven Schroder  Schroeder loses by fall 

Schroeder wins by fall 

Schroeder loses by fall and is done for the season  

Mathew Johnson

(placed 6th)

Johnson lost by fall 

Johnson wins by fall 

Johnson wins 11-7

Johnson wins by fall securing his first state medal 

Johnson loses by fall and will wrestle for 5th place 

Lost by fall and finishes in 6th place