Where did you Spend your Spring Break?


Kynslee White

Spring Break is the perfect time to start shaking off the winter blues. Whether you enjoy the cold season or if you are waiting for it to finally be worn again. It gives you a chance to enjoy your time before the new season begins. While some people stay home and relax, other people will take trips to many different places. In fact, almost 57 % of Americans travel.  I’m going to give you some recommended places and the most popular places that people visit. 


Most Popular Places

While it depends on the year, the most popular places tend to be the same places.

First, we have Orlando, Florida. While this place may not be the place for you because of the overcrowded Disney parks, this is one of the more popular times to visit Disney. There are also many other different places to visit such as sea world, universal studios, discovery cove, and many more. 

Then, we have New York, New York. There are many things to do in New York as well but the most popular one tends to be central park and times square. There is theater all across Broadway where you are given the opportunity to watch award winning musicals and plays. Many different celebrities are found while you walk the streets. Along with the amazing museums and must eat at restaurants, New York City is a fun place to be. 

Next, we have Los Vegas. Most famously know for the night time life. It is typically more liked by adults to do the popular hotels, gambling, partying, dining, and shopping. But, there are also many things for children to do like the shows that take place, museums, and other interactive activities. There are opportunities for all places. In march, this city typically gets 3.6 million visitors, most come during spring break. 

Then, we have Los Angeles, California. The weather in Los Angeles is typically found to be pleasant. What better time to go hike up through the mountains than when it’s 70 degrees during spring break. It’s also an amazing time to visit the beautiful Hollywood Sign. Other things to do or signs to see are the Hollywood walk of fame, Disneyland or Walt Disney concert hall, Los Angeles Lakers basketball game, and many more. They are also known for their vibrant art scene, the hip hop culture, their outdoor living, car culture, and food choices. 

Lastly, We have Hawaii. Hawaii typically has warm weather all year around. Spring Break is an amazing time to visit with an average of 80 degrees. This is a time where you aren’t dying from the crazy hot weather but still temps where it’s not too cold to explore the beautiful waters. Hawaii is by far best known for its amazing beaches. While white sand is commonly found, you can also find pink, red, green, or even black. 


Unique places recommended to go 

Blackwater Falls State Park

This park allows people to see the beautiful forest landscape, along with breathtaking waterfalls and many different types of wildlife. You can rent beautiful full functioning cabins that even have wifi. There are many things you can do while you are besides for viewing these jaw dropping views such as horseback riding, fishing, biking, hiking, geocaching, and more. This park is located in Davis, West Virginia and is waiting for you to come see. 

The Crystal Cost

This is one of the few remaining barrier island systems left. There are silk sand beaches along with shinny waters. There are also many family friendly activities to do while you are staying here. If you are on a budget, there are cheaper amazing beach side cabins. If you are looking for something more fancy you can also rent a beach house mansion.


I talked with a junior at our school named Aubrey Smith. She went to Phoenix Arizona over spring break. When I asked her what she did over break, she responded with ” I went hiking, shopping, and swimming” I then asked her what her favorite part was and she told me it was nice warm weather when she was outside there. Aubrey told me that she would go again if she had the chance.