Opinion: It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment


Isaiah Smith, Author

As average American citizens, the majority of the population has a smartphone or some other electronic device that needs to be updated regularly. If that refers to terms and conditions or something to make the device more accessible, it happens for the sole purpose of making the device efficient and enjoyable for everyone. Now apply that to the good, but old, Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment. With gun violence reaching all time highs, it is clear that the Second Amendment is not needed in the United States. The Second Amendment no longer applies to modern America, repealing the Second Amendment will allow for stricter gun regulation which will reduce gun violence dramatically in the United States, and repealing the Second Amendment will further prevent mass and school shootings. Therefore, the Congress should come together and repeal the Second Amendment to prevent gun violence in America.

Simply, the Second Amendment  doesn’t apply to modern America. An article from America said “the Second Amendment needs to be repealed because it is outdated, a threat to liberty and a suicide pact” (“Repeal”). The origin of the Second Amendment was that citizens had the right to bear arms in case of the government becoming too overpowered, giving them the right to overthrow the government. Back in the 1700s, muskets and flintlocks were the primary firearm, weapons that took time to load and shot one bullet at a time. The article from “America” knew the Founding Fathers had an idea that guns would become more advanced, but they didn’t have to take into account the risk of a man killing several people in a matter of seconds with a gun. Now America does, which makes the Second Amendment outdated (“Repeal”). The government is too powerful for any citizen, so there is no reason to own guns. 


If Congress repeals the Second Amendment and there is no ‘right’ to own a gun, a safer nation will be reborn by allowing for strict gun regulation. The violence that is associated with firearms is detrimental to many families, neighborhoods, and citizens who are claimed victims from such retching weapons. The United States should be a global leader, providing a safe haven for any person who lives within the geographical borders, but the statistics show otherwise. An Article from the Rolling Stones shows that in the United States, there are roughly enough guns to fill 90% of civilians’ hands, being the highest per capita rate in the entire world. Even though the U.S. has only a small percentage of the globe’s population, it carries 2/5s of all civilian owned guns resulting in 75+ deaths per day (Cohen). This grisly problem can be solved by repealing the Second Amendment. These once deemed ‘unconstitutional’ gun laws should be reversed and would allow for stricter gun regulations because there is no longer a right to own a gun. The problem with gun violence causing 100s of casualties and 10s of deaths per day in America will significantly diminish. The once lingering fear that a child or civilian could easily obtain a firearm and use it in an act of hate will merely implode as a thought.

Repealing the Second Amendment will show a decline in school shootings and mass shootings. Right now, children are capable of getting their hand on a gun with ease. Because of American citizens upholding their constitutional right, a lot of parents or adults own a gun. While they claim that it’s for safety against intruders or because they like to shoot guns, ultimately it can end up in complete and utter disaster. With children’s mental health hitting an all time low, especially because of the 2020 COVID pandemic, children who don’t know how to deal with these emotions can do a lot of harm. Because of the easy access and capability of handling a gun, one bad day can turn into several casualties and deaths in the matter of minutes. But this doesn’t just apply to kids, but adults too. Going to a local grocery store after feeling like that person’s world has just ended can make other people’s world end within a matter of minutes. All it takes is one day, or one hour, or one minute, or one second, or one mood swing. And this can happen because of guns. But, this wouldn’t be such an issue by repealing the Second amendment and putting strict regulations and guns.

Even though this seems like a good idea, there is no warrant to claim that this will help decrease gun violence because people can still illegally purchase such items on the streets and on the black market. But, the goal is to not solve 100% of gun violence in America, but rather making it harder to access such weapons. By not making it a right to average citizens, violence is still going to go down tremendously. Also, with the option to put in place stricter gun regulation, this could result in guns being removed from the hands of civilians across the United States. There are some problems, like the black market, that can never be really solved but there are indirect actions to help stop it, like repealing the Second Amendment and making it illegal for anyone to buy a gun.

Just like any good software, there has to be updates to make that system more secure and safe. The Constitution also needs an update and that is by repealing the Second Amendment, which will make life for the American people more safe and secure. The Congress needs to repeal the Second Amendment because it no longer applies to modern America, allows for stricter gun regulations which would reduce gun violence, and it would prevent school and mass shootings across the United States.


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