GBHS Boys Tennis


Emma Haag, Author

At Great Bend High School, tennis coach Chris Manning, holds tennis practice after school from 3:30pm to 5pm CT, so that everyone has time to prepare for their matches and improve their skills.

Manning’s main goal is to win a WAC title. To accomplish this goal they will need to play as a team and for everyone to play as well as he knows they can. This year there are only six students on the boys tennis team, three of them being seniors.

“We have a tough regionals this year however with the right match ups I think we can send one or more to state.” said Great Bend High School Tennis Coach Chris Manning.

Chris Manning has been a tennis coach at Great Bend high School for three years. This is his first high school coaching position. Before moving up to a high school position, he helped with a tennis program in the summer and was a volunteer coach at the Rec center for 10 years.

“I have really enjoyed this season. I love the people on the team and the sport in general, even though my results aren’t eye popping.” said Great Bend High School Senior Isaiah Smith, “I have improved tremendously seeing that I wasn’t properly serving correctly or hitting a forehand correctly, I have improved a lot.”

Out of all of Chris Manning’s students for this year, the seniors have made the most improvement from any class. They have had more time to develop their skills. All of their drills and practices that their coach has them work on has helped them make improvement.

The boys tennis team has been practicing really hard, so lets hope for the best results from them at Regionals today.