Soda Companies Have Gone too Far…


Isaiah Smith, Author

It’s 2022, and every week there seems to be a new flavor of soda. If it’s Mountain Dew advertising the new FLAMIN HOT flavor or Dr. Pepper putting out the limited edition Dark Berry it advertisement for Jurassic park. While most of these flavors would be considered good in most peoples eyes, the abundant of new soda flavors coming out can be overwhelming to stores. This begs the question; has soda company’s gone too far?

It sounds silly right? How could new flavor a sodas be overwhelming to the buyers AND stores that hold it? Sadly, it all relates back to COVID-19 Pandemic. When the economy was near an all time low, and thousands of companies were laying off their employees, this disrupted the supply and demand because of the lack of truck workers and manufactures. Event though it started over a year ago, the market is still being affected today. Fore example, as an employee that works at Dillion’s, I hear the mouthful of complaints of certain products not being in, and a common one is not having enough soda in stock. But this doesn’t just affect the store that I work in, but rather, the whole United States. And with soda companies having new types of soda almost every week, and demanding for the product to be on the shelfs at a certain time makes it overwhelming for the stores.

GBHS Sophomore Thomas Henrickson said that “I want to be able to buy my favorite flavor of soda each week without the risk of it being replaced with a new and wacky flavor.”

Another thing bad with new flavors every week is that they it starts to get old. The once every month a new flavor comes out, people would stock up on that limited time soda. For example, in 2016 when Mtn Dew released Baja Blast for that summer only, they were being sold out from the shelfs and into the houses of people who enjoyed Baja Blast. But now, you mention any new Mtn Dew flavor or any other mainstream soda company, it’s gotten boring with the new flavors which also hurts the store. But some customers like new flavors each week.

GBHS Junior Xanna Smith stated that “even though some might find this annoying, I enjoy new flavors each week.”

It’s people like Smith that drives these soda companies to produce new flavors almost every week. Because, in reality, the companies are doing it for just the money.

In conclusion, soda companies are producing new flavors every single week and this might look good in the eyes of the consumer, but it hurts the stores. It’s overwhelming for the stores to keep up with new flavors and in the end, it gets boring having new flavors which hurts the stores profit.