Freshman Orientation


Emma Haag, Author

At Great Bend High School, during school I interviewed a couple of freshman to see what they are most excited about or most worried about for the new school year.

I wanted to see what our new freshman were excited for or what they are worried about. I also wanted to know if they missed anything about being in middle school and what their favorite memory of school is. Another thing that I wanted to ask them about is what was their best excuse for turning in their homework late.

Now, some of you may be wondering how our new freshman are doing and you know I am. So lets get into the story.

“Something that I am most excited about this year is playing sports. One thing that I as most worried about is not doing good on the exams.” said Great Bend High School freshman Braylee Carper, “Something that I miss about middle school is how the halls were not crowded.  I really like high school so far. My favorite school memory was getting lost on the first day. My best excuse is that I needed sleep.”

“I’m excited about this year is making new friendships. I worried that I’ll get bad grades. I miss all my old friends. You were out of state or vacation.” said Great Bend High School freshman Amelia VanSteenBurgh.

“Band class because I love the music that we are performing. Keeping up with my classes so I can have good grades. The teachers they were usually very understanding. Pretty good I am finding the classes to be interesting.” said freshman Kaylee Haag, “Meeting my friends. I had a family emergency”

“I am most excited about the clubs I have decided to join because I think I will make a lot of friends in them. I’m also excited about the field trips I will be taking in some of my classes because it will give me a break from school and bring back memories from when I was in elementary school. One thing that I am the most worried about this year is passing my classes because I still don’t know exactly what to expect from most of them.” said freshman Katelyn Martinez, “Something that I miss from middle school was that everybody was close to the people in their core and now that everybody is forming their own path we seem to have become more distant. If I ever forgot to turn in my homework and it was counted late, I would probably tell the teacher that it genuinely slipped my mind and I totally forgot to turn it in.

“I’m most excited about the freedom that comes with getting older and meeting new people. I’m most worried about getting lost and the work getting harder.” said freshman Ellie Damm, “My favorite memory is my biomedical class. The teacher stated a different due date.”

“I am most excited about FFA. I am most worried about not being able to get everything done. One thing I miss most about Middle School is Mrs. Barber.” said freshman Ryan Stryker, “My favorite school memory is when I face planted in Algebra and couldn’t stop laughing about it. My best excuse is that I had a rodeo.”