Our First All School Connect


Emma Haag, Author

Hello students, as you know, we had our first all school connect on Wednesday last week. One thing that we will be using this time for, is to recognize the positive things that are happening in our school and the good things that students and teachers are doing.

“The overall goal of All School Connect is to get together to recognize the great things that are happening here at GBHS.  If we want to maintain a positive school culture, we need to protect time in our schedule to celebrate our students and staff.” said GBHS principal Mr. Wilson, “Sharing some positive with one another will help us develop a better sense of community within our building.  We have a lot of students and staff who do the right thing and work hard to make this place great and this is just a small way of trying to recognize them.”

The reason that we are doing an ‘All School Connect’ is, we can recognized all of the good things that happen and so we can maintain a positive environment. We need to be able to celebrate our students and staff so they know how important they are to us.

The students that were recognized at our first all school connect were:  Eli Contreras- Freshman, Caitlyn Roach- Freshman, Brianna Rodriguez Garcia- Freshman, Yair Torres- Sophomore , Jorge Pena- Junior, Cody Chaney- Senior, and Madison Regehr- Senior.

“I was surprised, happy and nervous, because I never get noticed for my good deeds.”, said GBHS freshman Caitlyn Roach, “I do like it because students do a lot and so do teachers. They deserve to be noticed for it.”

The faculty that were recognized were: Kim Heath, Zach Bartel, Craig Fletchall, Oscar Torres, Cara Negaard, Charlie Bentley.

“Sometimes in schools we spend so much time identifying issues and working towards solutions that it’s easy to neglect all of the positive things that are already happening.” said Mr. Wilson,  “This idea came together because we wanted to connect as an entire school and acknowledge the overwhelming amount of people in our school who do things the right way.  We will use this time to give Panther Praise to students and staff, to share a positive message with our student body, and encourage pride in our school and our hometown.”

At the end of our school connect, we will be doing a chant to keep the positive energy. The chant is “Once a Panther- Always a Panther”. I hope to see you all at the next school connect. Have a great day everyone!