What Happens Now That the Queen is Dead?


Emma Haag, Author

So…. as we all know, on September 8, 2022, the Queen of England, Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II passed away. She passed away at the age of 96, leaving her eldest son and heir, Prince Charles to become King. Queen Elizabeth II passed away due to natural causes.

Since Queen Elizabeth has died, her eldest son Prince Charles will be come King Charles III at 73 years of age. Although Prince Charles automatically became King when the Queen passed, his role was officially proclaimed on Saturday morning in a ceremony laden with pomp and procedure at St. James’s Palace

“Yes, the queen’s death made me sad, it didn’t affect me in any other way really other than emotionally. But I miss her already.”, said GBHS junior Braylon Moore, “Her son prince Charles and his wife will most likely become king (Charles) and his wife will be his advisor because he was the heir to the throne for 70 years. No, we don’t do much trade with England, obviously we do some but most of our trade comes from China.”

What changes, if anything, now that the Queen is dead? Currently, Britain’s national anthem is “God Save the Queen”. Now that King Charles III sits on the throne, the title and some of the lyrics will be changed. Any mentions of the ‘Queen’ will be changed to ‘King’ and all of the pronouns will be changed to he/him.

Another thing that will be changed, is the currency in the UK, which is known as the pound sterling. Currently, the UK currency features the Queen’s portrait on, but that will soon be changed to the King’s portrait. There are currently 4.5 billion bank notes in circulation with the queen’s portrait, and it would take at least two years before the king appeared on them.