Why is Reading Important?


Emma Haag, Author

Why is reading important? Reading is important because it improves brain function, reduces stress, and it can also improve your concentration and memory. Reading can also help strengthen your communication skills, reading opens your eyes to new words.

“Reading it not only important to grow your mind but it can help you dream of things you never thought possible. Just a few words can take you to a new world where anything is possible and where you can work through problems with a bigger mindset.” said Great Bend High School freshman Hannah Hopkins, “Reading isn’t just words, it’s a whole adventure that lasts between two covers.”

More ways that reading can help you is that it reduces stress because increases relaxation. When the brain is busy doing one task, like reading, you can get benefits for meditative qualities that help reduce stress levels.

“I think reading is important is because you can expand your vocabulary and develop an imagination for what you read. What I like about reading is that whenever I read a book it tells someone else’s story and I can actually imagine what is happening and most of the time it has a suspension.” said Great Bend High School junior Trina Charles, “I feel like if you can feel like there’s a suspension then it’s a good book for people who want a book on suspension.

Reading helps make us better thinkers by refining our critical thinking and problem-solving skills, boosting our general and specific knowledge and developing our social and communication skills. It also helps with empathy. When you read stories about other peoples lives, it will help you to develop empathy skills, because you are learning to see and understand the world through another persons eyes.

Now that you all have read this article I hope that you all can see the importance of reading. I also hope that you can find a great book to start off your journey to reading.