Her Loss – Drake


Kynslee White

At 12am on November 4th, Drake dropped his newest album “Her Loss”. Drake and 21 Savage actually share this album. One Song even has a feature with Travis Scott. On Drakes last album, they shared a feat to a song called “Jimmy Cook”. They also released a music video for there song as well. These two rappers have worked with each other for years. They each have several old songs on previous albums that include features from one another. His last album “Honestly Nevermind” was his 11th album to reach more than 10 number 1 albums with one of these other artist being the beetles. I talked with Cailee Moeder who rated the album an 8.5 out of 10. She quotes ¨ my favorite songs on the album would half to be Hours In Silence or Spin About You. Overall, I think its a pretty good album and I like the beats to all the songs¨. Clarissa Bashor had one of the same favorite songs as cailee. She said ¨I liked the song Spin About you because of the vibes it brings¨. 


Drakes Cover Image

Many people have been wondering who the mystery girl who is featured as the new album cover. When they released the cover photo, the artist left no description on who the woman was. According to https://www.complex.com , this woman is Suki Baby. Drake asked the photographer of the photo if he could use it as his album cover. The website even quotes “The cover photo of Suki is about three years old. Photographer Paris Aden tells Complex that the OVO camp reached out to her randomly and asked to use the shot for the album cover. “Drake just saw the photo I guess, and they asked if they could use it for the album,” Aden explains over the phone. “I shot that shit a long time ago. It was her profile pic and he probably fell in love with what he saw.””. This photo of this woman was taken in the Houston area. If you are a drake fan, you may know that drake has a love for that area. So it wasnt that surprising that he used a picture of a woman from that area. Suki is an adult dancer and a nail artist. She explains in one of her podcasts that she has a love for grills. This explains the photo she had taken. 


Drake Fun Facts


While many of us know him by drake, his real name is actually Aubrey. Drake is his middle name. 

Drake is initially from Canada. He was actually born in Toronto. Drake even references his home town in several songs including Champagnie poetry, papis home, lemon pepper freestyle, and more. 

Drake dropped out of high school. He was so close to finishing. In fact,he only needed one more credit but he dropped out to pursue acting. His first role was on the show Degrassi. 

Drake has been nominated for 381 awards and won 192 of them. He has won 4 grammy awards and been nominated 47 times. He even won artist of the decade.

Drake actually made a phrase when you combine his last three albums hes released. Certified Lover Boy, Honestly Nevermind, Her Loss.