Western Kansas Orchestra Festival


Emma Haag, Author

What is WKOF, you may be wondering. Well, WKOF or Western Kansas Orchestra Festival is an event for both high school and middle school students. It is amazing event where you can go to learn new techniques on your instrument and make new friends.

The middle school and high school groups get split into two different orchestras with different music. Students for each section are also given a chance to audition for chairs in each orchestra. The schools that participate in this festival are Great Bend, Hays, Salina, Dodge City, Garden City, Beloit, and Hutchison.

“The thing I am most looking forward to about WKOF is getting to play with a larger orchestra. I am most worried that altogether we won’t sound amazing.” said Great Bend High School sophomore Emma Weber, “I am in group A and I am most excited for momentum.”

Every year WKOF is on a rotation to see what school will hold this event, and this year the school is Garden City. This festival involves two days of practice, in which all groups will have practice for hours each day. They do get little breaks to stretch and move around, but then it is right back to practicing. This year Richard Meyer, a famous composer will be conducting High School Orchestra A.

“What I am looking forward to about WKOF is being able to play my instrument and getting to perform as a big group with all of the great people that are coming.” said Great Bend High School sophomore Olivia Edwards, “I am most worried about not being as good as some other people. I am in orchestra group A. I am most excited to play all of the songs because I like all of them.”

Some of our GBHS orchestra students will be participating in the awesome festival. They will be dismissed from school on Friday 18th at 1:00pm. Once they arrive at Garden City, they will begin practicing for their concert on the 19th. So, lets make sure to wish our amazing orchestra luck at their upcoming event.