ReplayIt…See the Year As It Happens!!


First Home Game Fun! Uploaded by student to ReplayIt. Great Shot!!

ReplayIt by Jostens.

What is it?

ReplayIt is an app that can be downloaded to most mobile devices. It allows students, staff and parents to contribute their favorite pictures to the yearbook. Now anyone can be a photographer and submit pictures to be used in the Rhorea Yearbook. With this app, all events can be captured by you. Often times, yearbook staff members get pictures of the home events. This app is great in that it allows us to get pictures from away games and those impromptu events that we don’t know about.

When I download it and register, it asks me to accept the Terms of Use…What’s in the fine print?

In a nutshell, it all comes down to this:

  1. Any pictures you take and upload are available for Jostens to use for whatever they please.
  2. Because of the above, we as yearbook folks can use the uploaded images in the yearbook.
  3. All images uploaded need to be school-appropriate or continued use of app will be terminated.

Why use it?

You already are taking pictures with your phones everywhere you go. You are already taking selfies. We want to see you and your friends doing the things that you enjoy. High school is so much more than just those sporting events and activities that are on the school calendar. It is all the other things that happen in between those events. High school is lunch with friends, hanging out at a restaurant, going to a movie, concert or the lake. These are great events that we would love to include in the yearbook. These too are the things you will always want to remember.

Download it for free at the Apple Store, Google Play or the Windows App Store.

Check out the picture for this story. It was uploaded by senior, Shelby Deist. It will make the Yearbook! Maybe your picture will too!!

We will be having some ReplayIt contests and fun. Stay tuned for details.