Important Events That Took Place 2022

Important Events That Took Place 2022

Kynslee White

Every year there are so many important events that take place. Its always good to take a lookback on the previous years to prepare for the upcoming years. 2022 was a shocking year with many different things happening. While there are way to many to note, here are a couple that I found important.


Inflation was unusually high this last year. Inflation is where prices tend to increase over a length of time.  This is due to the supply and demand factor. There was a shortage of workers and slower shipping on the supply side that caused the demands to rise. This is mainly due to Covid19. Many businesses shut down and others weren’t leaving there homes due to the pandemic. With less products being produced, the more people had to pay to get what they needed. this was well shown in Gas Prices. In 2020, gas price was at an average of 2.24 dollars per gallon. In 2022, this took a major turn and rose up to an average of 3.77 per gallon. This meaning the rate of inflation over these two years was an average of 68.3%. You can find more of this information on inflation over time on

Russia invades Ukraine

February twenty fourth of 2022 marked the day that Russia initiated an invasion on Ukraine. The two countries have had an ongoing feud since 2014. This invasion has caused ten thousands of deaths. It is also marked as the largest Crisis for Europe since World War II

Roe vs Wade was overturned

Abortion has been a picky subject for awhile now nut peoples views really started coming out with the announcement of Roe Vs Wade being brought back up. On June 24th of 2022, The US Supreme Court decided to overturn this case. The original ruling was in 1973 giving women rights to have an abortion. The argument was it is protected under the 14th amendment. The original ruling was a 6-3 vote going in the favor of the case but the overturn had a ruling of 5-4. This means the states now have the power to regulate or ban abortion. Emma Haag is a junior at Great Bend High School and she believes that Roe vs Wade was the most important event of 2022. She quoted “I feel like we are going back in time”.

World population hit 8 billion

The Population was projected to hit 8 billion on November fifteenth of 2022. This is a major milestone in our worlds growth overall that needs to be marked. In 2011, the world population hit 7 billion meaning are population grew by a billion in just 11 years. 6 billion to 7 billion and 5 billion to 6 billion both took twelve years. Every year before that was a larger time gap that gets smaller and smaller overtime. The biggest gap was from 1 billion to 2 billion taking 123 years.

Queen Elizabeth Died

The death of the queen took place on September 8th of 2022. Elizabeth was the longest monarch of Britain with her death marking the end of it. Her Funeral was estimated to have 4.1 billion viewers which is half of the population. Elizabeth was 96 years old when she died and her death was due to old age.

While there are many more events that took place, these were the ones that I found the most noticeable. Lets hope for a more positive set of events for 2023.