Its Time For Spirit Week !


Kynslee White

Its finally time for homecoming week, and we are starting are week how we always do with a spirit week. So lets get into the themes for each day.

Monday is grout fit. This means to wear grey on grey.

Tuesday is dress as something that starts with your name. This could be interpretation in many different ways. Some examples of this could be if your named started with M. You could wear the color magenta, dress as a mango, or be a minion. Josie Blevins is participating in spirit week. her favorite is this day because “it expresses creativity”.

Wednesday is music Genre day. This day is also up to you. You could dress like the genre or pick a certain artist to dress up as. Some examples of genres are country, pop, rock, or classical.

Thursday is decades day. Each grade is signed a different decades to dress up as. Freshman are 2010s, Sophomores are 2000, juniors are 1900, and seniors are 1800s. Addy is also a fan of spirit week. Her favorite day of the week is decades day. She said ” I love the colors and styles with different decades”.


Friday is the final day of spirit week and also homecoming. On Friday we wear red and black to support the panthers. Our varsity girls will start at 6 and varsity boys will start at 7:30. We will start this morning off with a pep assembly at 8:05 am. Be there to start getting in spirit for the game. Our winter queen and king will be announced during half time of the varsity boys game.

At the game Friday we will also be picking a new fan of the week. So make sure you come and sit in the student section and show your support. The person who shows the most spirit will be picked and receive a gift card as well as playing a quick basketball shooting game at half time.

Class Competition

During spirit week we will also be having a class competition. Each grade will be a team.  There are several things you can do to gain points. On Monday night, we will have a trivia game night at the high school. showing up gives you a point for your class. This will take place in the library and students will be divided into teams of 3 or 4. Another way you can earn points is the minute to win it game. Each morning before school in the commons will be a sign up sheet. You can sign up to participate and the 1st-3rd winners will get points as well. Dressing up for the spirit days will be another way you can earn points. In connect, there will be people coming to each class room to count how many people are participating so make sure to dress up. The final way to earn points is the dance off video. Each grade can make a video dancing to the song shake it off. There can be multiple entries from each grade but only one from each class will be picked to go on to the competition against other classes. The four videos will be sent out to students and staff to vote. The two winners of the vote will preform at the pep assembly. There are rules including no flips or lifts allowed.

I hope to see all of you participating in spirt week and come watch the panthers play Liberal at home. Go cats!