Spirit Week Results

Kynslee White

This past week was spirit week at GBHS. We do spirit week twice a year on both homecoming events. Last semester we had all different spirit days that consisted of:

Zoom Day: Fancy clothes on top and pajamas on bottom

White Lie Day: write something that is a lie about yourself on a white t-shirt

Adam Sandler Day: dress as Adam

Anything but a backpack day: students could bring things like a suitcase instead of a backpack

Our homecoming winners for football season were Aubrey Smith and Bryan Chacon. In the previous semester we included underclassmen nominations. There were two girls and two boys from the freshman, sophomore and junior class and then 4 girls and 4 boys from the senior class. Only seniors were allowed to actually win queen and king. There was some drama with having all these nominees so it was recently changed to try just seniors. Our goal is to keep fall homecoming as everyone and winter homecoming as just seniors. Another major change that was made was clubs and sports nominate who they want as there candidates. This makes the winners be someone who is actually involved in the school. Each origination picked one senior and after we got a list of everyone nominated a form was sent out to students to vote from that point. It then got narrowed down to a final five. This years nominees are:

Braylon Council                            Rylie Duvall

Kaiden Esfeld                                Ellyson Summers

Skyler McMullen                          Natalie Williams

Mathew Moeder                           Katie Kuhlman

Angel Palacio                                Reagan Huslig

The crown bears for the year of 2023 are Cal Jonas and Kenadee Kriegh

Our winners of this years homecoming were Ellyson Summers and Angel Palacio. Angel quoted ” I was very surprised yet happy I got it. I think the best part was who the previous king and queen were. it was Dakota and Hannah. They were like family to me last year because of how close madrigals had brought us and it honestly seemed like s perfect end to my high school year (even if its not technically the end). Dakota passing the crown on to me. I don’t know how or why I got it. But I did. I’m more than thankful”. Ellyson quoted ” I felt so honored and grateful. I was surrounded by four other amazing girls, I would of been happy for anyone. I was pretty shocked that I won and I think people voted for me because they know how active I am in school, but all the girls are just as active. it was such a honor.”

In the last story about homecoming, the class competition was explained. here are the results each day from the class competition

Freshmen 48
Juniors 58
Seniors 60
Sophomores 78
Juniors 59
Sophomores 88
Freshmen 129
Seniors 147
Juniors- 164
Sophomores- 175
Seniors- 214
Freshman ended up winning the competition and will receive ice cream as there reward.

Overall, Great Bend High School had an amazing homecoming week. With lotsa of participation and great candidates. I hope these changes including the voting change and the class competition can continue on and better Great bend High School.