March Book Bingo


Emma Haag, Author

Hello Great Bend High School students, as some of you may know, we had a big library book bingo at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Well guess what! We have another book bingo just for the month of March. While this one is a little bit smaller, it is a 3-by-3 card, it is sure to be just as fun!

Since the last book bingo had such a positive response, Mrs. Lehew wanted to make another bingo for people who really enjoy reading. She wanted to include multiple varsities of genres so that everyone can have the opportunity to read what they like.

The themes for this book bingo are really open-ended, meaning that you will be able to read books from the school library, the public library, or books from your personal library.

I like that the bingo is open to books in our library and books students may have at home. I also like that the bingo is open ended and doesn’t require students to always read a certain genre. The bingo is a fun challenge to complete reading the books you like.¨ said Mrs. Lehew. ¨I think the students who were excited about the Reading Initiative Bingo will be excited to participate in the monthly bingos. I expect initially to have a small percentage of students participating, but I hope to see the number of participants grow the longer we do this.¨

Since it is March, there is a spot for a book with a green cover. For that spot I am currently reading The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (which everyone should totally read). But I am sure there are many different books in the library that have green covers. They can also be any type of genre. It is also Women’s History Month, so there is a spot for a book written by a woman.

Since this bingo is smaller, you are only allowed to get a bingo prize once. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t complete the sheet once you have gotten your bingo. The prizes for this book are still a work in progress but they are mostly going to be book related items. For example, book stickers, book mark, new books, etc. So if you are maybe looking for some new cool book marks, stickers, or maybe even some new books, this bingo is definitely for you.

If you love reading as much as I do (which is a lot) I definitely recommend that you participate in this bingo. You could use this bingo to read some new books or you could use it to read some of the books on your tbr like I am.

The March book bingo has gotten started, so if you would like to win some book related items, you should definitely get started! I hope that everyone enjoys this book bingo!