All About After Prom


Emma Haag, Author

Hello juniors and seniors of Great Bend High School. As you may know, there will be an After Prom party.

You do not have to attend Prom to attend After Prom. This party is exclusively planed for GBHS seniors and juniors AND their pre-approved prom dates.

After Prom will take place at Walnut Bowl from 12-2:30 pm, but you can begin entering at 11:30. This event does not cost anything to attend.

This will be a fun evening of bowling, arcade games, pool, old school fishing, music, prizes, and more. So be sure to attend if you are looking to have a good time! There will also be raffle prizes (only GBHS seniors and juniors are eligible to win). In order to win the prizes, you must be present at the event. If your name gets called but you have already left the event then you will not win the prize.

Since food and drinks will be provided at the bowling alley, you will not be allowed to bring any outside food or drinks.

Rules to consider:

  1. After 12:15 students will not be allowed to enter. So if you are wanting to change out of your prom dress beforehand, please plan accordingly.
  2. If you plan on attending After Prom, all students are required to have their school I.D. to enter. If you are bringing an approved prom guest, that is not from GBHS, then they will be required to provide a photo I.D. to enter (i.e. current school I.D., Driver’s License, etc).
  3.  Once you leave After Prom, you will NOT be allowed to re-enter.
  4. If any student is expected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be asked to leave the event and local law enforcement will enforce this.
  5. Make good choices! Any Great Bend After Prom organizers, sponsors, volunteer workers, or chaperones will NOT be held liable for any damages or physical harm incurred during the event.

If  you are planning on attending this event, please just make sure that you are on your best behavior so that everyone can have a great time. I hope that you all will have a great time and make some awesome memories with your friends.