Emma Haag, Author

What is breakfast? Well, as most of us know, breakfast is the first meal of the day, usually eaten in the morning. This first meal of the day is called breakfast because you are usually breaking the fast that you have been following since you went to bed. The word ‘breakfast’ first became popularized in the 15 century, but eating a meal in the morning has been around since ancient times.

It is important to eat breakfast in the morning because it can help encourage healthier eating habits, stimulate your brain, boost your energy levels, and promote heart health. Another benefit to eating breakfast in the morning is that it can help you concentrate in the short term.

“Yes, because it gives you energy for the day. French Toast, because it tastes amazing.” said Emma Weber, a sophomore, when I asked her what her favorite breakfast food is and if she thought breakfast is important.

In the United States, breakfast is usually cereal or and egg-based dish, but pancakes, waffles, and toast are also a common breakfast food. However, not every country eats the same things for breakfast. For example, in Australia a common breakfast food is avocado toast, which to me honestly sounds pretty good.

Alex Komarek, a Great Bend High school junior, said “My favorite breakfast food is pancakes and eggs because it just feels like home when eating them and I like to go to Perkins to eat them.”

Some healthy foods to eat in the morning are: eggs, bacon, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, etc.. But if you have more of a sweet tooth then you could also eat pancakes, waffles, breakfast pastries, etc.. And while those might not be entirely healthy, they are delicious.

I hope that you have learned some new information! Have a great testing week!!