The Importance of School


Emma Haag, Author

As we near the end of the 4th quarter, I know some of us are ready to just be done with school and go home, me included. But, we need to power through and still make sure that we get good grades while we finish up this year.

What is the Importance of School?

While school is sometimes very annoying, it is an important part of a young persons life. One of the reasons that school is important is because it provides stability. Being well-educated and holding a college degree will also help to increase your likelihood of better career opportunities.

“As far as I know, school is important in many ways.  It allows people to interact with each other and gives a chance to meet new people.  It allows people to learn and grow in order to figure out what it is that they would like to do later on in the future.” said senior, Elsa Lopez.

School also helps with financial security. Having a good education tends to lead to better career opportunities and higher paying jobs. Well-informed individuals also know how to use money-saving tactics. It also helps with self-dependency. Your education is just that, yours, and nobody can take that away from you. School helps you learn to make your own choices and how to rely on yourself.

Kevin Gonzalez, a senior, said “To further education it’s important, because you’ll learn new stuff everyday or at least very often, and you can only learn by doing new things and subjects.”

School also tends to teach people the difference between right and wrong. Which helps to keep our world a bit of a safer place. It can also help you stay out of risky situations. Another thing that school can help with is self-confidence. Having an education is usually considered a way to show your knowledge. It can help give you the self-confidence to express your thoughts and opinions.

Elsa also said, “I do believe that it should be important in society because school, while you may not need everything that you learn, teaches you stuff that you may need to reference back to later on.  you make connections with others be it teachers or classmates and those connections could be of help later on.”

Education also helps with developing life skills. For example, high school can help you with: empathy, personal boundaries, anger management, loyalty and dependability, and time management. Empathy is an important life skill because it will help you understand another persons thought and feelings from their point of view. It is also very important to learn time management skills because you will need those your entire life. They will help you when you have a deadline for a project and when you have multiple things that you have to complete in one day.

I hope that everyone has learned why school is important in the long run. Now, lets all just try to get through the rest of this school year.