Emma Haag, Author

Now, I know we all know about donuts because… they are delicious! But, do any of you know any weird facts about them? Well, i’m here to tell you some interesting facts about them.

Fact N.1- Every year Americans eat around 10 billion donuts. Now, that is a lot of donuts. If you think about the math, if each donut weighed 26g, then that’s 573,201,881.68 pounds of donuts.

Fact N.2- Donuts were once called olykoeks, which is Dutch and translates to ‘oily cakes’, because that was pretty much what they were. Old fashioned donuts were once balls of cake that were fried in pork fat. The word donut came after, when a woman was said to have put nuts in the middle before frying it.

Kynslee White said, “My favorite type of donut is glazed from Mitchell’s Bakery.”

Fact N.4- The most expensive donut sold for over $1000 at Krispy Kreme. This donut is filled with Dom Pérignon Champagne jelly, dusted with 23-karat gold, topped with edible diamonds and sprinkled with a 24-karat gold leaf.

Fact N.5- There are 2 days that we celebrate donuts. The first Friday of June is National Donut Day and then, November 5 is National Donut Appreciation Day.

Now, after giving you all these wonderful facts about donuts, I am hungry. So, I hope that everyone will go enjoy a donut today!