National Teacher Day


Emma Haag, Author

If you don’t know, we are nearing National Teacher Day, which is on May 2nd, and National Teacher Appreciation Week. So, since we are nearing this holiday, I wanted to give you some of the history behind it.

What is the history behind this holiday? 

In 1953, a teacher from Arkansas wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt about the need to honor the countries teachers. This lead Eleanor to persuade congress to proclaim a day in May as a National holiday to honor our teachers. This holiday is observed on the Tuesday of National Teacher Appreciation week. National Teacher Appreciation week is observed during the first full school week in May.

Why should we participate? 

Our teachers are always there for us no matter what. We need to show love and support to out teachers for all that they help us out with and all that they put up with. This day is celebrated so that we can honor our teachers accomplishments, efforts, and their contribution to their students lives. Teachers give so much of themselves to make sure we are supported and doing well. We need to be supporting them as well.

I hope you all learn something new. Now, you don’t have to get your teachers a gift, just make sure to say thank you! Be sure to wish your teachers a happy National Teacher day on May 2nd.