Love for our Mothers


Kynslee White

We have officially reached the month of may and as you may know, mothers day takes place on may 14th.  Mothers day is just as it sounds, its a day where we celebrate mothers. We celebrate it on the second Sunday of may, some other countries do the same while others place it on a different date. Mothers day was officially started started back in 1914. However, in 1907, Anna Jarvis, started the tradition on accident. She actually tried to get rid of the holiday after it was marked. She had a memorial service at her late mothers church and within five years after this everyone was observing the day. President Wilson then made it a national holiday in 1914. Jarvis actually started the tribute as wearing white but over time it was changed to colors such as red and pink as a representation of love. Jarvis mother actually originally though of the idea wanted it to be a day where mothers help other mothers in need. She had lost nine of her thirteen children and wanted to do something to help other mothers out there who went through the same pain. Her brother was a doctor who treated victims of  typhoid fever epidemic and they held events to practice how to keep your children healthy. Mothers day then spreaded to not only be for mothers but other women figures in life such as grandmothers. Overtime, it moved from just being a day where we honor mothers to a day we celebrate them by giving them gifts or cards. Many other people claimed to start mothers day and were noticed as well.

Now that we know a little more about the origin of mothers day, lets talk about some gift ideas. I talked with Catie Haberman about her mothers day plans and she told me “I plan on getting my mother flowers and we usually go out as a family to eat. I also hand paint my mom a card every year”. Anna Campbell said something very similar “as a family, we normally buy her flowers and her favorite candy. We spend the day together and finish it off by taking her to dinner”. My personal favorite are customized gifts because I feel like they are more meaningful. A great example of this could be personalized necklace or bracelet. You could put her children’s initials on it or your mothers names or even birthstones. Or you could make a custom blanket or canvas with pictures. You could go to Walmart here in town and make a custom design in the photo department or you can order them from amazon. You  could put pictures with your mother or they have ones where you can write messages. If you want a more simple look, you could always stick with flowers and a card or a balloon. It still shows you care and is something you can get last minute if you need too. Other ideas could include a candle, plants, a wallet, slippers, coffee mug, or a keychain.  Amazon has some great custom gifts such as lamps with pictures, a gift box that turns into a photo album, custom night light or garden stones and so much more. You can find some of these ideas by simply typing in mothers day gift. Walmart also has a decent selections of custom gifts available as well. Even if you cant afford a gift, there are plenty of diys you can find online that I’m sure your mothers would still appreciate.