Senior Sign Out


Kynslee White

With the year coming to an end, my final days at Great Bend High School are approaching. Not counting today, there are eight more school days for seniors and thirteen more days till graduation. I am overly excited to graduate. I have talked to other seniors and many of them are nervous for becoming adults but I personally haven’t had the nervousness kick in yet. I know I eventually will when it comes time to go away for college and start supporting myself on my own but at the moment, I’m just filled with joy to figure out what my future holds. I am undecided on my future plans for high school because I am keeping my options open. I am choosing between Barton Community College, Fort Hays State University, and Wichita State University. Not only have I not settled on where I’m going to school but also what degree I want to obtain. I’ve had a difficult time deciding on what I want to do occupational wise. I’ve been interested in Interior Design or Law. The majors I am considering right now are art, business, and psychology.

Now, I want to give some advice to underclassmen. I don’t have many regrets besides never breaking out of my shell. I am someone who struggles with social anxiety so I never really branched out and made new friends throughout the year. The regret that’s been most commonly said is not getting involved enough. I personally am a student who was very involved in my school so that wasn’t one of my regrets but not getting to become friends with people through my involvement was. So my advice is to branch out and try new things. Whenever someone I didn’t typically associate with tried to talk to me, I would normally get nervous and not carry the conversation on. So if your an underclassmen reading this, I challenge you to go to talk to anew person or go the party. You only have four years in high school so make them count. Alyvia is a senior at GBHS as well. She is planning on going to K-state and majoring in business finance and minoring in graphic design. Her advice was “I would tell underclassmen to just be themselves, you will find your group of friends eventually”. Ellyson is another senior I talked to from GBHS. She plans to go to K-state as well and major in pre-health. “I give underclassmen the advice of getting involved in various activities and that staying busy is not a bad thing”.

I wanted to end this story by giving a thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. I was blessed with some amazing teachers throughout the year and supportive immediate family that has helped me get to where I am today. I am unaware of what my future holds for me but I know I will get a college degree and achieve great things.