Homecoming: The Real Story

Lucy Mitchell, Reporter

The Homecoming ballots were cast in today, and the Homecoming nominees will be known on Thursday or Friday. One thing most people will not know is the true story of Homecoming; how a Swedish man used his sausages to create a long-lasting tradition.

It was the year 1909: in the town of Ruffelkopper, there was a Swedish man, named Smorgas Borgas, who sold his own special Borgas-brand sausages. These sausages were the mainstay of Ruffelkopper, bringing thousands of people every year to the small town in Missouri. One day, the Rufflekopper High School wanted to celebrate their students coming back from a long football season, and so the school hired Smorgas to make a grand feast of sausages. The feast came to be known throughout the town as one of the best feasts in the history of the world, and imitators wanted to capture some of that school spirit for themselves. The idea soon spread from town to town, growing to encompass thousands of foods. Nowadays, Rufflekopper has been erased off the map, but their celebration still lives on in our own annual Homecoming tradition.