Having a Ball in Volleyball!


Laura Daniel, Reporter

Panther Volleyball is having a great season so far, with the consecutive wins.

The Lady Panthers had two games and won both games. Great Bend won the first set against Eisenhower with the score 25-10, and the second set Great Bend won as well with 27-25. This was the Great Bend volleyball team’s 20th win for the season. In the second game, Great Bend beat Haysville Campus in the first set with the outstanding score of 25-8, and Great Bend won the second set with 25-10.  The volleyball team also went to Emporia for non-conference games on Thursday. Great Bend beat Hillsboro in the first set with the score of 25-14. The second set was 25-17, making this yet another win for the Panthers. Great Bend beat Emporia in the first set with 25-13, and with the same score for the second set. That makes this season’s overall game score 23-4. The volleyball team has a non-conference game against Smith Center at home on Tuesday at 7 p.m.