Christmas Shopping

Laura Daniel, Reporter

Radio stations around town are starting to play Christmas music. People around Great Bend are already putting up their Christmas lights and decorations. Christmas presents are being bought, wrapped, and put under the Christmas tree. Christmas is in 16 days and counting.

Most Americans spend about $600 or more for Christmas presents alone. One of the biggest shopping days of the year is Black Friday, where most stores have sales for buyers to find the perfectly priced present for their kids or loved ones. Most places have major sales with 50% or more off the whole store or just selected items. The next biggest shopping day of the year is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is where most online shopping websites have sales like Black Friday. Most stores have apps for iOS and Android, such as The Buckle, Forever 21, JCPenney, Amazon, Target, Nike, Best Buy, and Adidas.

Christmas is coming up, so get your shopping done now so you aren’t rushing to the store the night before to get a present. Sales are going on now at many stores and online.