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GBHS Dance Line to Nationals


Nationals are a huge thing in the dance community. Especially when your team isn’t looked at in the best way. The Great Bend High School dance line got to have a training camp with NDA (National Dance Association). In that training camp they got to learn a new routine. And got to have three girls selected to be All-Americans. But is dance actually looking into going? Are the Dancers excited? And what exactly is happening with the All-Americans? 

Nationals are absolutely an amazing opportunity for high school dancers. The chance to go to nationals is something not many dancers get to do. People always think dance doesn’t deserve as much credibility as they get. But people don’t understand just how much they do. Are these dancers excited for this chance to go to nationals? 

Emery Meza, a Sophomore on the dance line stated, “I am very excited that dance got selected to go to nationals!” 

Abygail Haines-Arnold, a Junior on the dance line, disclosed, “I am super excited because dance is very underrated so it’s a great opportunity to get out there.” 

Nationals cost a lot, there’s the costumes, the travel, the food. Not to mention, the work you have put in. So not every team decides to go. So is Great Bend actually looking into going?

Paige Sanders, a Junior, voiced, “Yes we are looking into going. We are just trying to get the budget and costumes and everything figured out as well as a routine.” 

Being an All-American is one of the most amazing things to happen to a dancer. It is an honor. Because you can go be in the thanksgiving parade. You can go dance in all these different places. And only a few people get the chance to become an All-American. So what is happening with some of our All-Americans?

Abygail Haines-Arnold, one of the All-Americans on the dance team stated, “My personal dance coach is Maddy and she has been sending me links to sign up because I would really like to go.” She continued “It is definitely worth the hype cause every highschool dancer wants to be an all-american” 

Matti Stoskopf, another All-American added, “I honestly didn’t think I was going to get one so it feels so amazing.” 

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