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Panther History of the Month

Senior Melodie Otte in Panther Tales Vol. 21, Sept-May 1965-66

This month’s Panther History of the Month is about Pantherettes. On April 7, 1996, a news article was printed in the Panther Tales Vol. 21, Sept.-May, 1965-66 book. The article described one girl that was chosen to be “Pantherette of the Week.” Its description includes her name, her brief academic status, activities/clubs she’s involved in, and then explains her four years at Great Bend High School.

Bringing back Pantherette of the Week would be a good thing because it could help promote girls’ confidence. For example, a student who isn’t new at the high school but is still Pantherette of the Week is a good way of helping build confidence or self-esteem because they could feel proud to be Pantherette of the Week. It could also tell the school a little bit about her. Maybe she’s included in things that make her interesting and it could start conversations which could lead to friendships.

Sophomore Caitlyn Roach said, “More people will be connected with others. It would promote confidence and self-esteem because they have that feeling that people notices them.”

“I think that if the school brought back Pantherette of the Week it would encourage involvement in more panther activities.  I think there would be more of a drive to be successful if there were recognition for accomplishments,” said sophomore Kimberley Hofflinger.

It could also help promote a new student’s future friendships or give her a nice first impression. An example for a new student would be helping more people learn things about her and what she was involved in at her old school or what she might want to try this year.

Roach said, “It would help bring out the “quieter ones” and show that everyone is worthy of something.”

Hofflinger proposed, “Pantherette of the week could introduce people to new sports that they may not necessarily be familiar with or keep up with on a basis. This would bring more attention to the activities that are not thought of at first. If these groups were included then everyone would have something to connect with.”

How can we make Pantherette of the Week more interesting? Some ideas to make Pantherette of the Week more interesting could be adding their favorite quote or a phrase they say a lot. 

Roach said, “Give them prizes and have a shoutout.” 

“Pantherette of the Week could include girls from sports to after school clubs and activities so it is not just one girl being recognized, but everyone has an opportunity to be recognized,” Hofflinger said.

Panther History of the month is important to anyone questioning how it was years ago. Great Bend High School not only holds this information, but leads the beginning of every journey, academically.

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