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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. This month reminds and informs everyone about motorcycle safety. Motorcycle awareness is important because the people who ride motorcycles have their bodies open to easily get injured. New motorcyclists are especially at risk because they might not be use to how the motorcycle rides and they have a bigger chance of injuring themselves. Crashes between a motorcyclist and a regular motor vehicle will turn out worse for the motorcyclist because they have no seat belts, air bags, or the inside of a vehicle to cushion the crash.

Sophomore Bristen Wuller said, “They only have 2 wheels, harder to see, no seatbelts, some might not wear protection.”

Sophomore Paige Stacey explained, “Motorcycles are more riskier than cars because you don’t have a lot to protect you. In a car, you have air bags and an enclosed space around you, but with a motorcycle you are open to any injuries.”

A story from the Great Bend Tribune explains that motorcycle safety is more of a concern. 

They state, “Preliminary 2023 Kansas crash data show there were 41 fatalities in 40 fatal crashes involving motorcycles. This represents a downward trend in motorcycle deaths in the state since 2020 when 65 people died in 62 fatal crashes, according to Gary Herman, KDOT Behavioral Safety Manager.”

Stacey suggested, “We can keep the motorcycle crash rates down by making everyone aware that if you are on a motorcycle you have to wear protective gear such as a helmet.”

It’s safe to say, we need to be much more aware of motorcyclists in our community. A lot of them are someone’s family. 

Wuller said,“My dad rides. He should be as safe as if he were in a car, safety should be top priority for anyone driving a car or motorcycle because just one wrong thing can injure them badly.”

Stacey said, “My dad, Mike Stacey, and my brother, Cameron Stacey, both ride motorcycles, and they are always extra careful and use plenty of safety equipment.”

There’s no doubt motorcyclists have to pay attention, but they are already paying attention because of their higher risk of injury and they can’t get on their phones when they have both hands on their handlebars. However, they aren’t always paying attention. Some can get “lost in the cruise” and depend too much on other drivers being safe.

Motorcycle Awareness Month promotes the safety of motorcyclists and increases awareness about our joy riders so keep your eyes open.

“People need to be more aware of motorcycles, not just themselves. They need to pay attention and look in their mirrors before turning,” Wuller said.

“Motorcycle Awareness Month is important for everyone because it can keep people safe and remind people to look out for motorcycles because they are harder to spot than cars,” Stacey said.

Keep your distractions on the low while you’re driving.

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