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Upcoming Summer Heat


A story by Laura Pattison from CNN-10 states, as the headline, “Planet Endures Record-Hot April, as Scientists warn 2024 could beat heat records for the second year in a row”. Heat precautions for the summer could save many lives. 

Sophomore Rylee Heine shared her precautions in hot weather, “I make sure to always have cold fresh water with me and to wear sunscreen.”

Sophomore Brissa Leyva said, “I sit in front of the fan or take a rag and put it around my neck.”

Lastly, Sophomore Yarlene Granados said, “Heat precautions that I take during the hot weather would be to make sure that there are places to stay cool in, wearing lightweight clothes, and staying hydrated.”

You want to stay in as much air conditioning as possible. With the weather scorching, you can easily get heat exhaustion, causing heavy sweat and a rapid pulse. 

Now, some people don’t have air conditioning where they live. Close your blinds, use fans, and refrain from using any heat-causing cooking equipment, as it can add to the heat. Some people fill up a spray bottle and spray water on themselves every so often. Another heat protectant strategy is spf 100 sunscreen. 

Heine stated, “I will find a shady tree and maybe sit under it with some ice cold water to cool off if I have no air conditioning.”

“Go swimming, drink cold water, and take a shower,” suggested Leyva.

“Ways to cool down could be drinking water, going into water, and going into a shaded area,” said Granados.

The worst that can happen is a heat stroke. Heat stroke can occur when your body hits 104 degrees. Unfortunately, the heat stroke isn’t completely over. It can lead to organ failure, brain damage, and even death. 

Heine said, “When I start feeling very exhausted in the hot weather and when I start not feeling good. I also get headaches often and sweat a lot.”

Leyva said, “When I feel very hot to where I’m sweating extremely, then I feel sore. I also feel very lazy and sometimes get headaches.”

Granados said, “When I get hot, I feel like my body is overheating and I get headaches and nauseous.”

You can also wear loose-fitting clothing or take a cool shower for a bit to allow you to cool down. It’s Ideal to drink water in this type of weather too. Staying hydrated is the next important thing. It’s something everyone should worry about all the time. Even on a day-to-day basis, it’s still important to pay attention to your hydration. People commonly get cool, moist skin with goosebumps, heavy sweating, faintness, and dizziness/lightheadedness during mild dehydration. 

One activity you can do in the hot weather is swimming. Others can have water gun/balloon fights, running through a sprinkler, making popsicles, or going to get some ice cream.

“I garden a lot in the summer heat and I also go swimming a lot in the heat,” Heine said.

“Go to the lake and swim, slip n slide, and water balloons,” Leyva said.

“Activities that you can do in hot weather are going to the pool or gardening,” Granados said.

Stay safe and cool this summer but remember to have fun, after all, it is nearly summer!

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