Robotics Seat Belt Safety


Emma Haag, Author

To make students more aware of the dangers of not wearing a seat belt, the Robotics Club members surveyed how many drivers/passengers were wearing their seat belt as they arrived to school.

Surprisingly a lot of students don’t wear their seatbelts while driving, even when they have passengers that are wearing theirs.

Ana Alverez, President of the Robotics Club said “I think this project is really helpful because people don’t know when we will be there” she continued “so little by little more people start using their seatbelts.”

As they surveyed the students they had two members of the club stand on either side of the entrance to make sure that the result of the survey was correct. The Survey came to a consensus with a total of 89 students wearing their seat belt and a total of 29 students were not wearing them.

Another thing that the club members were looking for was how many students were distracted while driving. Whether it was being on their phone, texting, or even eating some breakfast.

Kevin Gonzalez, a frequently active Robotics Club member recommend doing a physical presentation to the students that engages the students more in understanding the importance of wearing their seatbelts.  

 “Some students might not listen to the message, but some are undoubtedly going to listen.”, said Gonzalez. 

If we brought in a police officer and a victim of a crash to talk about their story and how it affected them and to also inform students about the importance of wearing their seatbelt. 

As students arrived at school, some of the Robotics club members went out and took a survey of how many students were wearing their seatbelts.

The school resource officer, Paul Millard, approached the Robotics club about the chance they had to participate in the SAFE seatbelt program. Seatbelts don’t just protect you from your driving mistakes, they also protect you from other peoples driving mistakes.

Mr. Hofflinger, the teacher of the Robotics Club, said, “Your hearts and well being is paramount and should be protected.”

The Robotics club had experienced club members like Kevin Gonzalez, Amy To, and Ana Alvarez to help teach the newer members what and how they were doing. If they don’t follow a certain process and produce data with a certain amount of error, they have to throw it out and start all over.