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GBHS Phone Policy


At Great Bend High School the ‘new’ phone policy took place at the start of the 2023-2024 school year but is this policy new or has it just not been enforced in past years? Is the phone policy affecting students and or teachers in a negative way or only positive? 

The phone policy was set by the board of education at the start of the school year which made many students nervous and upset about not being able to use their phones in class but was this really a bad decision? 

According to GBHS principal, Tim Friess, who has been working at the school for 41 years, “the phone policy has not changed. This is the same policy that has been in place except that this year it is being enforced.” Friess thinks that now that the policy is being enforced that the students are now “focusing themselves more onto their classwork now that they are no longer on their phones.”

Dan Heath, who teaches 21st Journalism, Audio/Video Production, Digital Media Technology for 22 years at the high school, stated, “I have not had problems with the phones this year.  Most students follow the rules.  Occasionally, we need to use our phones for class, and I have had little to no problems with students abusing the situation.  I was worried that the change in phone policy would lead to problems, but so far, that has not been the case.  I have not had to send a phone to the office this year.” Heath continued by saying, “I very much agree with the phone policy.  I am very pleased with everyone’s ability to comply with the rule change.  It has made classroom management easier and has created very few problems.”

Several students such as Tavon Stroup, Kyler Harris, Ashlynn Pio, Caitlyn Roach, and Kirra Stevens all have relatively similar opinions. 

Stroup stated that it, ”helps me get my work done.” Many of the other students agreed with this statement. 

Pio stated, “I get more focused, I get my work done, submit it on time, and I keep my grades up instead of looking at my phone.”

Roach said, “I can get more of my work done and I don’t have to deal with people sitting there taking pictures of stuff and them distracting me off of their phones.”

Stevens said, “I don’t have my phone to distract me from other stuff that we are supposed to be doing in class.”

Harris stated, “I am able to focus more on my assignments.”

So is the phone policy really a bad thing or did the students want to be able to use their phones whenever they wanted like they were able to in previous years?

All students gave relatively similar responses when thinking of a negative about not being able to use their phones during class.

Stroup stated, “I can’t talk to my friends whenever I want to.”

Harris said, “I can’t really think of any.”

Pio said, “I don’t think there are any except I can’t text my mom to bring me Dr. Pepper.”

Roach said, “I can’t really think of one.”

Stevens stated, “It’s really boring.”

Overall is the phone policy a bad thing or are the students just upset about not being able to use their phones whenever they want? Well, based on the answers given by our peers I would have to say it has been quite helpful and there aren’t any serious reasons as to why it is a bad thing. The phone policy has helped the students focus better and get their work done and turned in on time. 

Although the phone policy is being more heavily enforced this year and it is quite the change for students, in the long run I do believe that it will be very beneficial. So panthers, what do you think about the phone policy? 

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