NFL (MVP 2021-2022)


Adan Gonzalez, Reporter

Who is going to be the most valuable player of the year? This is going to be an interesting year for the NFL. Now who are the candidates?  

  1. Kyler Murray Quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. He has been the underdog for this year. He has beat the super bowl favorites this year (Rams) and has been the best producer since the first game. He has a rating of 115 percent and has 1200 plus yards. He has nine touchdowns and four interceptions.
  2. Matthew Stafford quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. He has one of the best arms in the league. He is the smartest person on the field. He has 1200 plus yards and has a 117 percent rating. He has only thrown 2 interceptions and has scored 11 touchdowns so far this season. 
  3. Patrick Mahomes II quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has been magical and looks like he is the best quarterback in the league. Patrick Mahomes is taking his team to back to back super bowls appearances. He has 1,200 plus yards so far and has raing of 119 percent. He has fourteen touchdowns and has four interceptions.  

Honorable Mentions. Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, Kirk Cousins, Dak Presscott, Derek Carr, and Tom Brady

So who is going to be the future MVP for this season? We will see who is going to take it home. I’m Adan Gonzalez. This is my story.