The Devastating Losses From Astroworld


Kynslee White

Travis Scott is a well known is a well-known rapper who has had major turnouts at his concerts. Travis Scott last concert, took place last Friday night. The crowd has around 50,000 people with lots of the fans being on the younger side. While this may seem like a good turn out for an event, it soon turned to a tragedy. 

The Tragedy

Suddenly, the members of the crowd all’s started running towards the stage. The member of the packed crowd all started pushing and doing whatever it took to get to the front. Mosh pits are typically crowded, but this one left people unable to get air. As many were desperate to get up, more people kept compressing together to leave them trampeled . According to CNN, there were many quotes from people of people screaming for help when they saw dead bodies beside them. People were passed out, bawling there eyes out, screaming for help, and bleeding. This resulted with eight deaths and more than 300 people who were treated at the filed hospital. The youngest of the victims being hospitalized was a 10 year old boy who was last reported in critical condition. Video’s show that the concert continued through this violent tragedy. Peoples cries for helped went unheard from being drained by the loud music. 

It is unclear if Travis was aware of the tragedy that was happening. Someone at the concert was trying to receive attention rom the camera operators so these innocent people in the crowd could be helped. He climbed to the top of a platform and yelled,  “Shut the f— up. Someone’s in there. People are f—ing dying. I want to save somebody’s life. That’s somebody’s kid … I want to save them.” but no reaction rose. While Scott did try to see if everyone was okay and asked them to raise there middle fingers if they were, most of the crowd did which told Travis him that they were fine. He then yelled . “You all know what you came to do, chase me, let’s go,” he says. “I want to make this… ground shake.” When Travis did notice someone was injured he immediately called for security and tried to help the person he seen passed out. According to the Washington post, he yelled . “Everybody just back up. Security, somebody help, jump in real quick, keep going … Somebody jump in, come on, come on, security get in there. Let’s get it in there, let’s get it in there, let’s get it in there, let’s get in there.” Mayor Sylvester Turner was quotes saying that 11 out of the 17 people taken to the hospital were in cardiac arrest and needed CPR. 


Prayers for the people who passed

It has been aid that the 8 people whos life’s were lose ranged in age from 14 to 27 years old. 

One victim was a boy who had just turned 21 named Axel Acosta. He had traveled all the way from Washington alone just to watch Travis perform. His family started to panic when they still hadn’t heard from him after the concert and ne never returned to his hotel room. 

Danish Baig, who was the oldest out of the victims, was going to the concert with his fiancée and brother. When the crowds started rawring Danish tried to save his family which resulted him losing his life. 

Franco Patino was another 21 year old. He was a student in Ohio who was very involved with his school. He was described by his father as a boy  with charismatic, who has a leader in his community and was set on helping people with disabilities. He was also working with a  team to help his mother who was injured in an accident and was no longer able to walk. His goal was to help her to take steps again but he was taken away from us to soon. 

Jacob Jernik who was also known as Jake was attending the concert with his best friend who graduated from the same school. He was described as a major fan of music who was loved by his family and his countless number of friends.

Briana Rodriguez was only 16 year old’s and was still a junior in high school. She had a passion for dancing. A go fund me page was set up to help cover the cost of her funeral expensive. The link is listed below

The youngest victim was a 14 year old named John Hilgert. Was only a freshman in high school. The school has tried to support by sending their condolences, wrapping green ribbons behind the school and opening the counselors. 

Rodolfo Pena was a 23 year old male who was in college but was wanting to be a border patrol agent. Stacy, his friend that was with him at the concert quotes “We met in high school. He was an athlete… He brought happiness anywhere he went. He was easy to get along with. It was like positive vibes from him at all times.”

Madison Dubiski was the last victim to be publicly identified at the concert. She was a 23 year old from Texas. 

Others Views

I got quotes from two different students at GBHS. First I talked with Ciara Rosa and she said “I feel horrible about what happened to those innocent people. They didn’t deserve what happened to them”. I also talked with Alyvia Minginback who said “Its pretty much his fault because he knew how big the venue was going to be when he sold that many tickets”. There are many different views on what took place on Astroworld including who should have the blame. Make sure to check out the second part to this story at GBHS Panther Tales.