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Driver’s Education


Driver’s Education is a driving basics program that teaches new drivers traffic laws and signs, useful techniques, and defensive strategies. It’s important for Driver’s Education instructors to teach teens how to properly operate a motorized vehicle because there are many ways someone could get themselves or someone else hurt while driving. Driving is an important part of a person’s life. It enables a person to get to places faster than walking or riding a bicycle. 

Freshman Jackson Leiker said, “It’s definitely important. It helps you learn some of the most important rules.” 

Driver’s education is about a month. After a couple of weeks of classroom instruction, the students must pass the written driver’s test to start driving. Then, after a couple weeks of driving, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion if you’ve passed the driving requirements. You’ll then take that certificate to the DMV where you can get your learners permit. 

Since Leiker has completed Driver’s Ed, he later stated, “It was great. I had a great teacher, it was helpful studying and putting in the time to become a better driver and listen to your instructor. It was kind of hard but they know what they’re doing and if you put in the work and study you’ll pass.”

Freshman Cortez Shepard has not yet done Driver’s Ed but he said, “I think Drivers Ed will be easy because I have some friends that did it and said that it was easy and just use common sense. I think I understand it pretty well, it’s not too hard.”

Safe driving is  also very important. Many people and families have had to face losses of loved ones because some teens are commonly found to be drunk when driving or just not paying attention. For example, texting while driving is a problem with the majority of people who drive. 

Shepard said, “I am confident in driving. I was taught when I was 9 or 10 and it’s simple now.”

Texting while driving is not advised because if you’re not paying attention you can run a stop sign like one woman had done when a concrete mixer truck was coming at that same time but from a different direction. The woman’s car had gotten crushed and unfortunately she didn’t survive the accident. Now, the City of Great Bend has put up a stop light and sign at that intersection, hopefully to grab their attention better and be more cautious but that still doesn’t mean texting while driving is okay.

Enrollment for Drivers Education is taking place at GBHS on April 3rd from 4pm to 6pm.

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