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GBHS Art Classes At it Again!


In Great Bend High School, there are many art classes. We have Introduction to Visual Design, 3D Design I, 2D Design I, and even Jewelry. In 3D you make many different things, from clay sculptures to miniature scenes. In 3D so far they have made clay skulls, Valentines day boxes with paper mache, and now they are onto book nooks. If you have never heard of a book nook before it is a hollow box with miniature sculptures inside it and is made to go on a bookshelf. As you are creating your project, you have to come up with your idea, get your supplies, and plan out how you will create it. 

The first thing you have to do when creating any art piece is planning out what you want to create, coming up with the idea in your head then sketching it out, and deciding what you are going to use to create this. 

Katrina Wood, a junior is creating an abandoned school. She plans to create this using “lots of wood and acrylic paint.” 

Alissa Pio, a sophomore is creating a face popping out of the box, she plans to create this using aluminum foil and polymer clay, she is going to shape these things into a head. 

Colors are something important to every art piece. Every art piece with color pops.  

Pio plans to use the colors, “greens purples blues reds.” 

“I plan to use reds, and dirty brown, yellows, grungy colors,” are the colors Wood hopes to use. 

As a teacher, you have to plan out each art piece you’ll teach about; thinking of how your students work and each student’s skill set. 

Mrs. Hayley, who has been an art teacher for 2 years now, stated, “After having my intro students do a miniature project with a much smaller scale I figured that it could be done on a bigger scale with my more complex classes. My hope is that the students have and will continue to learn some loose engineering so they won’t have a mental break down when trying to put together Ikea furniture.”

So what do you think? Do you want to do 3D next year? If so, go talk to your counselor now and get it put in your schedule. BUT, make sure you have taken introduction first so, freshman sorry you’re going to have to wait a year before you can get into this class. 


Katrina Wood Junior at GBHS

Jaylnn Rule Senior at GBHS

Alyssa Pio Sophomore at GBHS

Jacky Garcia Junior at GBHS

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