Getting in the Christmas Spirit


Kynslee White

Christmas is still not till the end of the month but with the start of December, it’s time to start getting into the Christmas spirit. If you are looking for some conversation starters with your family around the holiday or just to know some more fun information here are some fun Christmas facts. 

1.The first song played in space was Jingle Bells

If this doesn’t get you into spirit, I don’t know what will. 6A Space flight made history when they got into the Christmas spirit by jamming to Jingle Bells in space. 


2. Americans typically spend around 1,500 on the giving season. As shown in studies, they typically expect to spend around 850 dollars each year. After they do the shopping, it shows that customers spend around 1,496 dollars during this time. 


3. The Statue Of Liberty is the largest Christmas present given

The Statue of Liberty is considered a Christmas present because it was given to the US by France in 1886 as a holiday gift.


4.Over a billion and a half send Christmas car each year in the US

Around 1.6 million still manage to send out Christmas cards during the holidays. 


5.Relationship thrive on Christmas Day

As you may argue with the stress of the holiday, Christmas day is reported to be the day of the year that has the least amount of breakups but the numbers do strive on the days leading up to Christmas as a high break up risk. 


6.Christmas Day and Eve are the two most popular days for proposals. According to Harper Bazaar around 100,000 proposals were likely to take place during the Christmas season in 2018


7.The largest gingerbread house is as big as a real house

While some of us may struggle with putting together a simple little gingerbread house, imagine putting together one the size of your house. 


8. You can donate your Christmas trees to elephants

Once Christmas is over and you don’t have anything to do with a real tree you can donate it to the zoo and they will use it to feed the hungry elephants. Many zoos around the world will except them, 


9.There are more than 630 different kinds of Christmas trees and the US grows about 77 million of them annually.

I talked with a couple students at Great Bend High School about Christmas time.  First, I talked with Janica Kramer. A fun fact she gave me was Christmas decorations look like Santa’s workshop. We talked about how her personal Christmas time goes. This year she decorated her Christmas tree as a peacock theme. “It may sound ridiculous but its very pretty” she said.  since her birthday is near Christmas she would always decorate ginger bread houses with her friends at her party. . Her favorite thing about Christmas is being able to spend time with her family. On the other hand, she doesn’t like is when her family leaves. When I asked her for her favorite Christmas song, she stated “My favorite holiday song is Silent night by Mariah Carey”. Next, I talked with Madison Smith. I asked her the same questions I asked Janica to see the differences in there responses. The fun fact she gave me was that Christmas trees are grown for 15 years before they are sold. Her theme to her Christmas tree is more so random. She said ” I have a black tree with lights and we put random stuff all over it”. Her favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with her family and friends but her least favorite part is the constant Christmas music playing everywhere. When I asked her for her favorite Christmas song she replied with “O Holy Night”. 

I hope this story gets you into the Christmas spirit. Maybe you learned some new facts you didn’t already know. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



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