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The student news site of Great Bend High School

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Panther Tales

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The Taste of Music



Have you ever been in the car with someone and did not know what type of music they are into? All of us are so different from one another in so many ways, including our music taste.I am someone who is really into music but I love all different types of genres. It’s always been hard for me to pick favorite songs and when I do, they change the next day. I decided to try and see how my music taste differs from other people in my school. I asked around with different students and these were the results:


Olivia Roberson                                                                  Ashton Smith

HeartBreak Anniversary By Giveon                                    Short Skirt Weather by Kane Brown

Good Days SZA                                                                Moon and Stars by snot                                                
Water Jack Garret                                                               California World by Lil Peep

Talking to the moon Bruno Mars                                         One Yacht Club by Lil yachty

Streets By Doja Cat                                                            The Code by 21 Savage


Kynslee White                                                                    Kennedy Sandy 

Trust Issues Drake                                                            Talking to the moon By Brunos Mars

Nun Major Shoreline Mafia                                               Jealous by Ladyrinth

Can’t Say by Travis Scott                                                  Dangerous by akon 

All I Need Lloyd                                                                 Burning House by Cam

Impatient Jeremih                                                            Where’s The Love by Black Eyed Peas


Mollie Phillips                                                                     Valeria Piedra 

Midnight Creature Lebanon Hanover                                 Pluto Projects by Rex Orange County

Parking Lots by Plums                                                        She by Harry Styles

Lemonade By Adam  Friedman                                          Sweet Creature by Harry Styles

Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash                                     Yellow by coldplay

Hopelessly Devoted To You Olivia John                             No Time To Die by Billie Eilish 


Elle Hutchinson 

Dope by Tyga 

Don’t wanna Breath Kodak 

Dreamer Trippie redd

Code by 21 savage

Fight Night by Migos 


These were several random students in my school who I talked to about music taste. Even looking at how my music, the one labeled Kynslee, differs from all the other students. Of course, some of us will be fans of the same song like Oliva and Kennedy both saying Talking To The Moon are their favorite song. With so many types of music to choose from t’s nice to see what other people like to listen too. For some of these students I would have guessed a whole different type of music for them to love. Another thing I noticed was some people sticking to one genre as their favorites. An example would be Kennedy. All of the songs she listed were slower paced music. If you look at mine, I have slower and fast hyped beat music. Regardless of the type of music you love, try to keep an open mind and open ears; you never know when you might just discover a new favorite song. 

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